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sonny james

who can take a drum beat, play it on a garbage can...who can take a microphone base and make a cymbal out of it? the candy man can.

when i went to see the luxurious panthers one night at the blue iguana, they had this drummer who stood up playing. a stand-up drummer was a rare sight...that drummer happened to be the one and only steve the retro man

steve candelari is a drummmm-er. when he first played drums with me on a live radio show, he was playing a plastic garbage can for a drum and using a mic stand base for a cymbal. he has also played for the luxurious panthers, chad thomas and the crazy kings, the sacred cows with mike bly. all i know is that this man can play drums.

upon trying to contact steve, i got his answering machine. i left a message with his little dog. steve candelari has played with various rockabilly legends who come through the continental club. steve strives for truth justice and the american way. what can i say, folks? give the drummer some! papa's got a brand new bag!

steve candelari