sonny james and the sinners






sonny james

mopar mike sinclair of unknown scottish royalty is not only a royalty in that good old land of scotland (they're looking for the castle as we speak), but he is a bass master. he has won several awards in houston for bass player of the year. but that's only half of it. the man plays the one string, calls himself a master at the one string. a two string built out of a wash-tub with a neck he made himself, the upright, four string, guitar, you name it.

mopar 2 string

mike has been playing guitar and bass for a long time. he has been influenced by the blues greats, especially willie dixon, jb hutto, hound dog taylor, did i say willie dixon? bo diddly, chuck barry, what do you want, carl perkins, gene vincent, you name it he claims it. john entwhistle, i could go on and on...charlie mingus, paul mccartney (he also has a band called 'the mockers' which does 60s beatles and stones tunes. the old stuff, man!) yet he's aquainted with son house. he's a virtuoso i can't go no further. he has the awards and the respect of the music community in houston and other parts of the world.

he also came to fame in that great band 'jug o' lightnin'. joey berner of 'houston's other' wrote:

"they are, god forbid, and pass the cross-eyed juice, a houston original"

jug o lightnin